IT products without communication interfaces, various types of electronic devices, power supplies and household appliances for domestic use are all examples of products which may require Safety and/or EMC certification before they can be imported and placed on the market.

TGC Communication can assist with obtaining Safety Certificates of Conformity and EMC Approvals in a number of countries including:

  • Azerbaijan (AZSTAND)
  • Belarus (Customs Union TR)
  • China (CCC)
  • India (BIS)
  • Israel (SII, MoITaL)
  • Kazakhstan (Customs Union TR)
  • Korea (KCC/RRA, eK-Mark)
  • Mexico (NOM)
  • Russia (Customs Union TR)
  • Singapore (SPRING)
  • South Africa (NRCS, SABS)
  • Taiwan (BSMI)
  • Ukraine (UkrTEST)
  • Uzbekistan (Uzstandart)
  • Vietnam (VNTA)

Many of these certifications can be based on existing test reports, however in some countries local testing is required.