TGC can assist with obtaining regulatory information for any market as we regularly do research in 225 countries which means that we are in constant touch with most ICT regulators on the planet. We are able to find out about type approval requirements, applicable standards and available certification schemes for various types of ICT products and also general country information such as national frequency plans.

Some of the typical questions which may be of interest to obtain answers for are:

  • Is in-country testing required?
  • Who can be the owner of the Type Approval Certificate?
  • Will our distributor or importer require vendor license to be the approval holder?
  • Are Family Approvals allowed?
  • Can we put multiple Model Numbers on the Type Approval Certificate?
  • Will the regulator issue Modular Approvals?
  • Can demo units be shipped without Type Approval Certificate?
  • Can test samples be imported without special permit?
  • How long is the Type Approval Certificate valid?