We help our customers develop suitable approval strategies to minimize costs and lead times and we provide general advice regarding market access issues.

Here are a few examples of question marks which may arise during the planning phase of an approvals campaign:

  • Which Safety, EMC, Radio and Telecom regulations are applicable for my product?
  • Which existing test reports can be used to obtain type approval in country X?
  • Can we obtain type approval in country Y for a radio module to save money?
  • Can we ship demo units to Country Z prior to obtaining type approvals?
  • Are there any regulatory requirements for Energy Efficiency or Restriction of Hazardous Substances similar to EU EED and RoHS2 in my target markets?
  • Which approval labels must be on the actual product? Can we print labels ourselves or must we buy them from the approval authority?
  • Which languages must we support when providing User’s Guides?