TGC Communication AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden and we are helping manufacturers of ICT products to obtain Regulatory Type Approvals and Product Certifications.

We support around 150 markets in all regions of the world, including 45 markets in Africa.

The company was founded in 1994 and after providing Product Design, Testing and Type Approval Services during the first five years, we have been fully focused on Type Approvals and Product Certifications since 1999.


What are the benefits of outsourcing your next Regulatory Type Approvals project to TGC Communication?

Answer: Your project will be managed by true professionals who have done nothing else but managing Regulatory Type Approvals for the past 20 years, having:



We are not affiliated with any certification bodies or other organizations and we will always recommend and use project strategies which constitute the most cost effective option for each particular project.



Our team of Project Managers has in-depth understanding of all the intricacies of Regulatory Type Approvals as well as sufficient competence to deal with technical issues arising during the course of the project. We are not mere intermediaries who shovel e-mails back and forth between our clients and the approval authorities.



Tap in to TGC Communication's extensive experience from doing Regulatory Type Approvals in more than 150 countries during the past 20 years, helping hundreds of manufacturers of ICT equipment gain quick and reliable access to global markets.



Our staff has 100% focus on Regulatory Type Approvals as we do nothing else. This means our clients can always expect to enjoy top notch support and a minimum of project delays.